Acid dyes Manufacturer

An Acid Dyes are anionic dye that is applied to fibers, like Wool, lather, Silk, nylon, and modified acrylic fibers from neutral to acid baths.  An acid dye is a dye that is applied to the textile at low PH. Acid dyes are mainly applied to the wool. Some dyes are used in stain organelles in the medical field. And some are also used as food colors. That dyes possess acidic groups like SO3H and COOH that are applied to the wool, nylon and silk. Acid dyes are divided into three classes Hydrogen bonding, van der Waals  forces and iconic bonding. According to their fastness requirements, migration ability, and dyeing PH. Acid dyes have high wash fastness which gives best colour quality. These acid dyes are available in brown, red, green, yellow, violate, black and many other basic to advanced colours.  They are easy to use and safe.  Acid dyes with their advantages of bright shades, good dying and penetrating properties has helped us for choice of better dying. Acid dyes are not substantive to cellulosic fibers. There are three classes of acid dyes – leveling acid dyes, milling dyes, metal complex acid dyes.

We are leading manufacturer acid dyes in India.  We provide acid dyes in the packing of 25 kg/50 kg brand new plastic drums/ carton boxes/ iron drums. We are committed to providing high- quality Acid Dyes with the best industry standards. Acid dyes are versatile, vibrant, and straightforward. The category  acid dye  is simply refers to dye that sets in an acidic environment. We are trusted and prominent Acid Dyes Suppliers, which are widely supplied in the diverse manufacturing industry. These offered dyes are a substance that adds color to textiles and incorporated into the fiber by chemical reaction, absorption, or dispersion. Features of Acid dyes are – Uniform Configuration, Absolutely processed, Purity, Long shelf life, Easy to Use. And Classification of acid dyes are – Fast acid dyes, Level dyeing or equalizing acid dyes, Super-milling acid dyes, Milling acid dyes. We are always focused on delivering Best quality products to customers, we can supply you the best products that you can use with wool, silk and nylon for achieving the best results. We have been actively involved in the commercial production of acid dyes and over the years we have established ourselves as a leading name in this industry. So if you are looking to find acid dyes, exporters in India, do get in touch with us and we can provide you with the finest quality acid dyes that money can buy. As per the customers’ requirements we are supplying all types of fabrics dyes in the best quality.  For this, the great market requirements, we are the acid dyes manufacturer in India. Our final product is developed after a lot of research work that is carried out by our team. After, passing several quality checks than the final dyes is delivered to the customers. The final product is delivered by us are of the premium quality. Hence are highly demanded in the market. Kindly contact us or enquire us in case you are searching for any type of the dyes.

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