Solvent Dyes

Red Sun Dye Chem. Industries is the hub of Solvent Dyes, supplying a extensive variety of Solvent Dyes in diverse hues and chemical compositions. Hugely demanded with the aid of using diverse industries, our supplied Solvent Dyes are chemically examined and promise a secure and sound functioning.

Solvent Dyes Manufacturer

Our dyes are solvent soluble dyes of excessive excellent for huge use in inks and coating industries. Ensuring advanced solubility in natural solvent systems, those solvent dyes are implemented as dispersion in a water bath. The dye is generally referred to as disperse dye have huge utility for colour of polyester fibers. In assessment to regular dyes, our solvent dyes are natural in nature and incorporate low quantity of impurities. The dyes are pleasant for coloring a lot of stable materials, along with nylon, polyester, acetates, PVC, acrylics, PMMA, polystyrene, PETP and styrene monomers.

Features and Application of Solvent Dyes

  • Solvent Dyes are insoluble in water.
  • Molecules of solvent dyes are nonpolar or little polar.
  • They do now no longer go through ionization.
  • It paperwork a colloidal solution.
  • Solvent dyes have terrible to right mild fastness property.

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