Reactive Dyes

Reactive Dyes Manufacturer

Red Sun Dye Chem is a world-class Reactive Dyes manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Considered by many as the most established Reactive Dyes manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India), we have made a commitment to producing high quality, Industrial safety and Technical strength. These reflect in our manufacturing and best quality assurance processes. In addition to manufacturers, we export as well. We spread Acid Dyes worldwide.

Reactive Dyes Manufacturer, India

Reactive Dyes are the popular class of Organic Dyes for importing colors on cellulosic fibers. As the name suggests, these Reactive dyes chemically react with cellulose to form a covalent bond between the dye molecule and cellulose.

What Is A Special Reactive Dye?

Reactive dyes are highly colored organic substances that are used for coloring textiles. The term ‘reactive’ it refers to the chemical reaction that takes place when a reactive dye is applied to fiber.

The Reactive Dye Manufacturing Process

Our focus is about adhering to the best possible, most sound and environmentally-friendly reactive dyes manufacturer, without compromising reactive dyes product quality and safety. We constantly work to improve and refine our processes, procure premium quality raw materials and make our products more sustainable as per our Customers requirenments in their respective markets.

The salient features of Reactive Dyes are

  • their brilliant shades
  • ease of application
  • overall good fastness properties
  • economy

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